Duel of the Fates

Gathering Legions Season 2 - Less Than a Legion

A duel of the fates, a clash of bitter rivals. The protagonists are opposing organizations or personalities that rise up to claim power for themselves, either for the greater good or for personal greed.

This campaign season is designed to introduce players to the fundamentals of campaign play using the Less Than a Legion optional rules for the Gathering Legions rule set.

This story is not location specific and it could easily be transposed to any planet or time period. Feel free to make it your own and create any environment you’d like to best suite your available terrain or the heroes you’d like to create.

Less Than a Legion Rules:

Less than a Legion campaigns are played using only heroic commanders and operatives. there is no minimum or maximum to the number of commanders or operatives a player may include, but each player must build a force that falls within the points limit of the campaign. The suggested points limit is 600 and the suggested starting experience is 20.

  • Less Than A Legion also has the following change to issuing orders and drawing random order tokens: Players do not use standard rank tokens for units, but instead gives each unit a unique number, players then use tokens with the same numbers as their units. when issuing orders and pulling random tokens you must activate the exact unit that matches the number on the order token.

  • Less Than A Legion uses the following change to command cards: Although every unit in a Less Than a Legion campaign is a commander or operative, only one unit will be designated a team leader, only the team leader may include command cards in the players command hand, and only the team leader may issue orders. If the team leader is defeated, nominate a new leader per the normal rules, the new leader may issue orders using generic command cards or command cards that match their class.

  • Less Than A Legion uses the following change to courage and panicking; each model uses their own courage value when checking for suppression and panic.

  • Less Than A Legion is played on a 3x3 board instead of a 6x3 board, and terrain should be slightly denser than in a standard game.

Season Rules:

Number of Players: 2-6

Rule Sets In Use: Less Than a Legion, Personal Quest, Escalation, 3x3 board, Less Than a Legion Mission Deck, Map

Rule Sets not in Use: Casualties,

Optional Rules: All other rules are optional.

Escalation: after each campaign round increase the points maximum by 25, players may add new heroes between rounds, but may only remove a hero if they were defeated in the previous game.

Setup: Each Player builds a team between 1 and 8 heroes, consisting of 600 points or less, and 20 experience or less.

Win Conditions: At the end of 8 campaign rounds the team with the most strategic assets wins.