Occupation of the Holy City

Gathering Legions Campaign - Season 1

This story occurs during the occupation of the Holy City. It centers around the insurgents that rise up to reclaim it and preserve its historic and religious importance before it is completely stripped and desecrated by the occupying forces.

This campaign season is designed to introduce players to the fundamentals of campaign play using a map with the Gathering Legions rule set.

Although this story is very loosely based on the events of Jedha City, it could easily be transposed to any city with a history of force users and temples. Feel free to make it your own and create any environment you’d like that better suites your available terrain or the heroes you’d like to create.

Season Rules:

Number of Players: 4-6

Starting Experience: 7

Win Conditions:

  • If either team loses an engagement at their base while they control no other locations they are forced from the city and defeated.

  • If either team ends a campaign turn with 30 strategic assets they have rallied the city behind their cause and win.

  • The team with the most strategic assets at the end of 8 turns has secured enough artifacts and resources to claim a victory for their cause and wins.

Starting Locations: both teams should agree on which team is the occupying force and which team is the insurgents. In the case that the teams cannot agree the Dark Side team is the occupying force and the Light Side team is the insurgent force. On the campaign map the occupying force is marked as blue and the insurgent force is marked as red.

Season Map:

Season Personal Quests:

Force User: Ancient Secrets

The city is a place of great power and importance for you. Although you fight for your sides cause the knowledge and history contained within the city is a matter of personal interest for you.

Mission 1: Precious Artifacts
Reward: +2 Experience

Mission 2: Ancient Ritual
Reward: +2 Experience

Mission 3: Unlock the Holocron
Reward: +6 Experience
+1 Destiny resource / turn

Hired Gun: Fortune and Glory

The conflict in the city has brought lots of opportunity to prove yourself. Although you believe in your sides cause, the potential for fortune and glory around every corner is what draws you.

Mission 1: Blind Drop
Reward: +1 Experience
+80 credits
+1 Spy Network / turn

Mission 2: Smugglers Run
Reward: +1 Experience
+80 credits

Mission 3: Blaze of Glory
Reward: +2 Experience
+120 credits

Heroic Officer: Diplomatic Mission

The legacy of this once great city is not lost on you. But the cause needs this location, needs its resources, its artifacts, its people, the symbolic victory… and the cause chose you to deliver it.

Mission 1: Establish Connection
Reward: +1 Experience
+1 Diplomat

Mission 2: Convince the Diplomat
Reward: +1 Experience
+1 Supply

Mission 3: Take a Stand
Reward: +3 Experience
+1 Supply
+1 Diplomat