Veers Triple Bikes – John Brader - NoVa Open 2018 - Day 2 1st

Veers Triple Bikes – John Brader

Total Points: 791

  • General Veers: 90 – Commanding Presence (10)  
  • Stormtroopers: 84 - DLT-19 (24), Stormtrooper (11), Concussion Grenades (5)  
  • Stormtroopers: 84 - DLT-19 (24), Stormtrooper (11), Concussion Grenades (5)
  • Stormtroopers: 94 – HH-12(34), Stormtrooper (11), Impact Grenades (5)
  • Stormtroopers: 89 – HH-12(34), Stormtrooper (11)
  • Snowtroopers: 80 - Flamethrower (20), Snowtrooper (12)  
  • 74-Z Speederbikes: 90
  • 74-Z Speederbikes: 90
  • 74-Z Speederbikes: 90

Command Cards: Maximum Firepower, Evasive Maneuvers, Imperial Discipline, Ambush, Push, Assault, Standing Orders

Mission Parameters: Battle Lines, Long March, Major Offensive, Advanced Positions, Intercept the Transmissions, Key Positions, Recover the Supplies, Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators, Limited Visibility, Clear Conditions, Rapid Reinforcements, Minefield

I removed Disarray mainly because moving to both sides of the table slows the game down, and I wanted to have all time focused on play. I removed Hostile Environment because it puts more limitations on the tactical moves than I prefer to deal with. I removed Breakthrough because I find it dull. My overall playstyle is to hit hard with bikes late in the first round and follow up immediately in the second round, then keep them in my opponent’s backfield to force them to deal with the onslaught until the bikes are destroyed. My preferred targets are squads to make them combat-ineffective early, but if I can take out a commander in a single round, I will concentrate fire. Bikes force the opponent to choose – either engage in defense and let the objectives go for a round or chase the objectives and get pummeled by the bikes. My use of the HH-12 usually gets questioned, but I find they give me great flexibility – I can deal with armor if needed, or drop 3 black dice on squads to bolster a focused attack – often a follow up to a bike attack. I use command cards in a variety of ways, but in the early rounds, I use them to maintain control of bike activations with a goal of activating bikes back-to-back from the end of Turn 1 to the beginning of Turn 2.

Notes: 1st Place NoVA Open 2018 Day 2 – John Brader

Required: General Veers Expansion, Core Set x2, Stromtrooper Expansion, Snowtrooper Expansion, Speederbikes Expansion, Priority Supplies