Luke & Leia – Matt Dunn - NoVa Open 2018 - Day 3 1st

Sibling Rivalry- Matt Dunn

Total Points: 785

  • Luke Skywalker: 160 - Jedi Mind Trick (5), Force Push (10) 
  • Leia Organa: 90
  • Rebel Troopers: 72 - Z6 Heavy (22), Trooper (10)  
  • Rebel Troopers: 72 - Z6 Heavy (22), Trooper (10) 
  • Rebel Troopers: 72 - Z6 Heavy (22), Trooper (10) 
  • Fleet Trooper: 67- Scatter Gun (23) 
  • Fleet Trooper: 44-Scatter Gun (23) 
  • AT-RT: 90 - Laser Cannon (35) 
  • AT-RT: 90- Laser Cannon (35) 

Command Cards: My ally is the Force, Son of Skywalker, Return of the Jedi, coordinated bombardment, no time for sorrows, somebody has to save our skins, standing orders

Mission Parameters: Battle Lines, Long March, Major Offensive Advanced Positions, Intercept the transmissions, Key Positions, Recover the Supplies, Breakthrough, Clear Conditions, Rapid Reinforcements, minefield, Hostile Environment

Play Style: This set up is meant to be split between two objectives. Leia gets 1 Fleet, 2 full Rebel Troopers and an ATRT. Luke gets 1 Fleet 1 Rebel Trooper (the one minus the extra man) and an ATRT. Opening move is to make sure during deployment she can see units, Bikes in particular. I use her to hand out dodge tokens usually to herself and the fleets. Than take an aim token. Than do the bombardment. Go for bikes, you won’t kill one but hope to land two hits on them. If it’s triple bikes I try to hit all three other wise aim for snowies. If you are fighting Rebels use all three against troopers to pin them down before they get dodge tokens. I push to objectives and quickly as possible and then hunker down in cover. Once in position I find aim and fire is my rotation. Aim tokens help white dice a ton. Fleets are for the bikes or ATRTs. The ATRTs are there as cover and to help with Bikes or an ATST. I have found that people go after ATRTs first. I have seen countless times where multiple rounds are taken up with focus fire on them. I keep Leia hidden as much as possible while slowly moving Luke in to position usually round three to jump and be in the mist of of a squad to melee. If a squad is getting to lo close to your troopers use Jedi mind trick. I use it every game to good effect. Keep your troops in cover until it’s time to Move to capture objectives that have become contested. Token management can be tough. I always lay out one commander and their troops. This means that whatever is pulled from the pile usually is used for the twin whose card was not played. This list really requires you to play your Command cards well. I tend to alternate between The twins. Bombardment first than My ally is the Force or no time for sorrows, than the other, son of skywalker ,no time for sorrows, return of the Jedi this all depends on the situation too. The biggest key to this is the 15 point bid. You should be Blue player every time. I was able to get Key Positions twice. This allowed me to dig in quick and wait. Really look at the table and think about deployments look for good cover and areas where you can hold.

Notes: 1st Place NoVA Open 2018 Day 3

Required: Core Set, Leia Expansion, Fleet Troopers X 2, ATRT Expansion, Rebel Trooper Expansion, Priority Supplies