Luke & Leia - Gordon Chace - NoVa Open Day 1 1st

Luke, Leia & Laser Cannons - Gordon Chace (Member of NoVA Troopers)

Total Points: 790

  • Luke Skywalker: 160
  • Leia Organa: 90
  • Rebel Troopers: 72 - Z6 Heavy (22), Trooper (10)  
  • Rebel Troopers: 72 - Z6 Heavy (22), Trooper (10) 
  • Rebel Troopers: 40
  • Fleet Trooper: 67- Scatter Gun (23) 
  • Fleet Trooper: 44
  • AT-RT: 85 - Rotary Blaster (30)
  • AT-RT: 90 - Laser Cannon (35) 
  • AT-RT: 90- Laser Cannon (35) 

Command Cards: My ally is the Force, Son of Skywalker, Return of the Jedi, coordinated bombardment, push, somebody has to save our skins, standing orders

Mission Parameters: Disarray, Long March, Major Offensive Advanced Positions, Intercept the transmissions, Key Positions, Recover the Supplies, Breakthrough, Clear Conditions, Rapid Reinforcements, minefield, Hostile Environment

Play Style: This list was built to counter an AT-ST imperial list, a triple bike imperial list or the dual laser canon rebel list.  I was mostly worried about a mirror match against another rebel player with Luke, Leia and double laser cannons because I have only played against another rebel player twice.  So, I wanted an edge in case of that match up and thus I added the rotary cannon ATRT to tip the scales in my favor, vice relying on the 50/50 matchup against dual laser cannons.   The small naked units are primarily used to grab objectives and add a needed suppression token to a unit at the right time.  I dropped limited visibility because of my laser cannons, dropped battle lines so the triple bike list would have a harder time flanking my forces, and I dropped sabotage the moisture vaporators because I thought it provided my forces the least benefit.  I kept disarray in case I ran into a single commander list.   I kept long march in case someone had Vader. 

In conclusion, I must give a shout out to John B. (Tabletop History on Facebook) (NoVa Troopers), Matt D. (NoVA Troopers), Raul R. (NoVA Troopers) and Kyle D. aka Orkimedes (never tell me the odds blog) (NoVA Troopers) for all qualifying to nationals with undefeated records. Congrats Team 5 for 5!!!  

Notes: 1st Place NoVA Open 2018 Day 1

Required: Core Set, Leia Expansion, Fleet Troopers X 2, ATRT Expansion X2, Rebel Trooper Expansion, Priority Supplies