Luke & Leia - Paul Watson - Michigan GT 2018 1st

Skywalkers’ Army - Paul Watson

Total Points: 786

  • Luke: 183 - Force Push (10), Jedi Mind Trick (5), Emergency Stims (8)

  • Leia: 90

  • Rebel Troopers: 62 - Z-6 Trooper (22)

  • Rebel Troopers: 62 - Z-6 Trooper (22)

  • Rebel Troopers - 40

  • Rebel Troopers - 40

  • Fleet Troopers - 67 - Scatter Gun Trooper (23)

  • Fleet Troopers - 67 - Scatter Gun Trooper (23)

  • ATRT - 90 - Laser Cannon (35)

  • ATRT - 85 - Rotary Cannon (30

Command Cards: •Coordinated Bombardment •Son of Skywalker ••No Time for Sorrows ••My Ally Is the Force •••Somebody Has to Save Our Skins •••Return of the Jedi ••••Standing Orders

Mission Parameters: Major Offensive, Advanced Positions, Battle Lines, Long March. Limited Visibility, Hostile Environment, Minefield, Clear Conditions. Intercept the Transmissions, Breakthrough, Recover the Supplies, Key Positions.

Play Style: I went into my event knowing that Scouts and Boba were barely legal. I thought I may see more Imperial players and strike teams due to this fact. I wanted a decently balanced list but did not think there would be very much armor due to the timing of the releases. After seeing the way the terrain was at the past couple of events I thought it was important to be able to be blue player and have more control over the battlefield and objectives. I went with a 14 point bid assuming that would be enough to get blue every game. The way I ended up playing this list was mostly run Luke into as many trooper units as possible and kill as many of them as he can to limit the amount of units my opponent has to take objectives. I find with this set up Luke can almost always get his points back in units destroyed before going down. Leia is amazing against the strike teams and so efficient in the support role for this force that I used her to get up on activations and keep my units performance up. I would use my ATRTs to flank opposite Luke and threaten trooper units and force my opponent to either deal with them or funnel their units into Luke and the Fleet Troopers. I have found in the games I have played that a basic scatter gun fleet trooper squad can take a unit almost completely out of effectiveness with one decent shot. With that I kept them safe until the opportunity presented itself. I try to dig my units into positions where my opponents would have to choose to shoot at armor, cover 2 dodging Rebel Troopers, or at a unit that only has a model or two visible. I was able to do all of these things thanks to the 14 point bid.

Game 1: vs. Rebels. Key Positions, Advanced Positions, Clear Conditions

Game 2: vs. Rebels. Intercept the Transmissions, Advanced Positions, Clear Conditions

Game 3: vs. Rebels. Key Positions, Long March, Clear Conditions

Notes: 1st Place, Michigan GT 2018, Maximum Firepower

Required: Core Set x2, Leia Expansion, Fleet Trooper Expansion x2, Priority Supplies Expansion, plus Emergency Stims upgrade card