Mechanics Overview

Average Trooper Analysis
baseline of analysis on Impact X

Mission Objectives
summary and tactics

Mission Deployment
summary and tactics

Mission Conditions
summary and tactics

Never Tell Me The Odds
dice and statistics

Armor and Impact
keyword analysis and effect

Thinking in Space
speed, range, and distance

Thinking in Time
timing and pace in competition

Quality vs Quantity
activation spam and elite units

Rules Update 1.2.0
what has changed and why?

Rules Update 1.1.0
what has changed and why?


Tournaments Aren't Like Dusting Crops, Boy
tournaments, what to expect

Completing the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs
time management in tournament

Community Building and Organizing
how to grow and nurture a gaming community

Corner Case

denying melee and paths


Character Generator
custom unit template

Command Generator
custom command template

Mission Generator
custom mission template