Gathering Legions: How To

Build Your Own Heroic Commander or Operative

Gathering Legions is an alternative campaign play experience for the Star Wars: Legion game. In Gathering Legions you are able to create your own heroes, or recreate your favorite EU characters - below we are going to walk through making one such hero using the Gathering Legions rules.


Step 1: Come up with a character concept.

In our walk through example we will be recreating Vinto from Imperial Assault - a gun slinging rodian mercenary. But yours can be anything you’d like.

Step 2: Pick or make a model that represents your hero.

To make this example easy we will use Vinto’s existing Imperial Assault model, you can do the same, make your own, or purchase an alternate model from one of the many 3rd party sculptors on the market. (note for Imperial Assault figures they will need to be removed from their base and glued to an appropriate Legion base). If you don’t have access to alternate models or able to craft your own, it is acceptable to use existing Legion models as long as they are easily identifiable on the tabletop.


Step 3: Pick a class that matches your concept.

Vinto is a gun slinging mercenary full of tricks, so we will be using the Hired Gun class to create Vinto. Picking a class gives a hero a unit card with starting stats, as well as a class specific progression tree. See Vinto’s card below with the starting Hired Gun stats.

Note: Keep in mind that you are making this your own, and the names are just for convenience. If your character isn’t a force user but is melee centric then the Force User class might still be the best choice to recreate the abilities you want your hero to have.

Step 4: Pick modifications on the class progression tree to replicate gear and abilities your concept character has.

In our example we will walk through picking modifications for Vinto to make him into the dual wielding gunslinger we know and love. In this example we will assume that the starting experience points for the campaign are the recommended number of 7, but each heroic unit must have at least one experience point which leaves us 5 points to spend on Vinto if we are spending only the minimum on the other two units.

The first thing we will do is to give Vinto a second gun, we can do this by spending one of our experience points to check the box next to the “Off-Hand Blaster” modification which gives Vinto a second ranged weapon and adds +5 points to his cost.

Now we have two guns, but we can still only fire one per activation. To reach our character concept we will have to get Arsenal 2 so we can fire both guns in the same activation. After spending an experience to get the ‘Off-Hand Blaster’ we still have 4 experience left to spend, however Arsenal 2 is in the War Hero section which requires a total of 8 experience before you can purchase your first modification in that section. This might seem impossible because we only start with 5 experience, but with the use of flaws we can reach our goal of Arsenal 2 with a starting character. Each flaw will give us an additional experience to spend as well as count as one itself when checking the requirement for the War Hero section. So flaws can be very useful to reach more expensive modifications early, but be careful because they can limit your potential later in a campaign. To make our example easier we will just list the other modifications we will take. 

  • Change Black Die to White on Melee: +1 Experience -3 Points

  • Change Surge to Crit to Surge to Hit: +1 Experience -5 Points

  • Gain a 1 Pip Command Card: -1 Experience +0 Points

  • Gain a 2 Pip Command Card: -1 Experience +0 Points

  • Gain a 3 Pip Command Card: -1 Experience +0 Points

  • +1 Wound: -1 Experience +6 Points

  • Field Training, Gain a Training Upgrade Slot: -1 Experience +0 points

These 2 flaws give us an extra experience point each as well as counting as one when checking if we meet the requirements of sections. We have 8 boxes checked now so we meet the requirements of War Hero, and we have one experience left to spend to get us Arsenal 2. After all modifications are taken into account Vinto’s unit card looks like this -

Note: Similar to how the names of classes are just names, the names and abilities on a class progression chart are abstract, the ‘Jet Pack’ ability for example gives you the Jump keyword - but you can explain the ability in whatever way makes sense to your character; wings, force jump, or any other reason to use the Jump keyword is still gained through taking the ‘Jet Pack’ modification.

Step 5: Play Games and Earn Experience.

Now that we have our our heroic commander done, we are ready to play games and earn experience. After each game you will gain an amount of experience depending on whether you won or lost and the mission parameters played. In-between games you can spend experience to gain modifications the same way you did in character creation, however remember you can only take flaws during character creation. 

Although the unit cards look very good, they can be a lot of work if you are modifying your hero a lot. Another suggestion is to use the hero progress tracker found here. If using the hero progress tracker then your final Vinto will look something like this.